Thursday, 26 August 2010

Saint Francis Sandals

In 2007, Oscar Niemeyer, the most famous Brazilian architect celebrated 100 years. He still alive and still working! He designed a lot of houses and important buildings in my home tow, Belo Horizonte. To celebrated his 100 years birthday, the Casa do Baile Museum invited some artists and architects from my home town to illustrated an activity book for children. I was one of them! I felt very honorable, specially, because I had to illustrated the Saint Francis Church. I love this project and Saint Francis is one of my favourites saints. Also, when I graduated in architecture, the mass was hold there.
So... what to do? Join the points? No... I would like to do something where the children could recycle and build something. The Saint Francis sandals! The children could draw, cut, glue, recycle and at the end, they could walk around! This was my first attempt to work with children's book. On that time, children's book was my passion but I had no idea that will be my profession!

Em 2007 Oscar Niemeyer ccelebrou seus 100 anos e para comemorar, a Casa do Baile convidou alguns arquitetos e artistas de Belo Horizonte pra ilustrarem um livro de atividades para crianças de algumas de suas obras. Tive a alegria de ser uma delas! Me senti super honrada pois a obra que me deram pra ilustrar foi a Igrejinha da Pampulha. Adoro esse projeto, São Francisco é um dos meus santos favoritos e a missa da graduação da minha turma de arquitetura foi celebrada la . Mas o que fazer? Ligue os pontos... não... Queria alguma coisa onde as crinças reciclacem algum material em casa. As sandalias de São Francisco! As crianças poderiam desenhar, cortar, colar, reciclar e sair por ai! Essa foi a minha primeira experiencia com livros infantis. Nessa epoca, livros infantis ja eram minha paixão mas não fazia ideia que algum dia poderiam ser minha profissão!


  1. Santuzza: I'm so glad I found your blog. You write about a great many things that I think about quite a lot. Of course hamsters (how we met) but Mr. Niemeyer's work is also very dear to my heart - I write about architecture and design in my non-hamster life. I feel a little guilty that I cannot read Portuguese, especially since some of my Japanese friends spend a lot of time in Brazil and can speak it fairly well. But fortunately for me, your writing in English is so clear and beautiful. Thanks! DGI

  2. Santuzza dear, this is a very cool project. How did it work with the children? I guess they just loved it. You rock. Love from Madrid. Amaya